USRN Offers ‘The Real Thing’ To Radio, With Kenny Loggins


A forthcoming show from United Stations, set to debut during the summer, is set to bring one of the most prolific recording artists of the 1970s and 1980s, who remains highly popular today, to affiliate stations as the host of a new radio program.

Introducing Kenny Loggins: The Real Thing.

The show, says USRN, will be delivered as completely flexible segments, allowing stations to build their imaging and music around voice tracks supplied by the recording artist known as one-half of Loggins and Messina for his 1970s work, and for such soundtrack-filling 1980s hits as “I’m Alright,” “Danger Zone,” and “Footloose.”

Loggins isn’t exactly a stranger to hosting a radio program, per se. He portrayed a radio host in the popular Grand Theft Auto V video game series.

Officially, Kenny Loggins: The Real Thing is being offered as part of United Stations’ Dayparts on Demand menu of selections. Classic Hits, Adult Hits and Adult Contemporary stations are the target.

Affiliates are being secured on a market-exclusive basis, says United Stations EVP/Programming Andy Denemark.

Denemark said, “We have always aimed to deliver great talent to radio stations, and often that talent comes in the form of a celebrity or musician. We saw a growing need for a new type of programming for Gold-based radio stations, and given everything about Kenny
Loggins we just felt he was the perfect choice. He’s got a lifetime of cool stories, he’s a rock star you’d want to have coffee with, and he’s charming, easy-going and relatable.”

Loggins added, “I grew up on radio, I always loved the medium and I also love the idea of doing something new in this new decade. Music and music radio has been my life, and I’m excited about where we might go with this new endeavor.”

Loggins’ album Return to Pooh Corner remains the best-selling children’s album of the last 20 years.

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