UTA Selects A New News and Broadcasting Head


A veteran television news agent whose resume includes roles at ESPN and CBS Radio’s WFAN-AM 660 in New York has been selected as the new Head of UTA News and Broadcasting at United Talent Agency (UTA).

This begins what UTA and its parent N.S. Bienstock are calling “a transition in leadership from legendary news agents Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper, who continue in active leadership roles representing many of UTA’s … news and broadcasting clients.”

Now heading News and Broadcasting at one of the most prominent talent and entertainment companies is Peter Goldberg, a 20-year Bienstock veteran.

Goldberg will report to UTA Co-President Jay Sures, who oversees UTA’s prestigious television, news and broadcasting businesses.

The announcement officially brings N.S. Bienstock, acquired by UTA in 2014, into the UTA fold; Leibner and Cooper are married.

Sures called Goldberg “one of the best agents in our business, and there is no one more capable of following in Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper’s footsteps to lead UTA’s news business forward.”

Sures added that UTA’s representation today is “in large part a testament to the incredible business Richard and Carole have built.”

Leibber and Cooper, Sures confirmed, “aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and will continue representing their incredible roster of clients and providing ongoing leadership within UTA. Their mentorship of Peter has provided the perfect bridge to our next chapter of leadership.”

Goldberg came in to UTA from N.S. Bienstock, which he joined in 1995. Before that, he served as VP/Broadcasting at International Management Group.

He also brings to his new post a wealth of production experience, with his previous posts at Transworld International, WFAN-AM and ESPN.