Utah radio deal is all Epperson, all the time


KUTR-AM Taylorsville UT is being transferred, but it won’t be moving too far. Julie Epperson is signing the company over to Stuart W. Epperson Jr., who’s Truth Radio Network is already being carried on the station.

The station serves the Salt Lake City market from 820 kHz. A class B, it fires off 50 kW during the day and 2.5 kW at night, which each time period using a directional array.

Stuart W. Epperson’s Truth Broadcasting Corporation will be the licensee once the deal closes. According to the contract, Truth will be assuming the station’s obligations, which were said to be at $540K at the time the contract was written.

Julie Epperson acquired the station from Bonneville in a deal brokered by Kalil & Co. and filed with the FCC 4/13/08. That agreement called for a payment of $600K cash.