Uvalde AM going noncom in cash/donation deal


Rhattigan Broadcasting has been forced to follow a twisting path in its effort to pull out of Uvalde TX, an unrated municipality west of San Antonio. However, a deal to transfer KVOU-AM to non-profit La Promesa Foundation will finally accomplish that goal.

Rhattigan is headed by Michael Rhattigan; La Promesa by Leonard J. Oswald.

The value of the station is pegged at $240K. $40K will be paid in cash in return for the station’s transmitter and other equipment, its logs and its goodwill. The license is being donated for $200K, with La Promesa making sure seller has the proper paperwork in order to share with the taxman the news of Rhattigan’s generosity.

The station is a Class C on 1400 kHz with I kW-U, ND. It is currently silent.

Rhattigan originally tried to sell KVOU along with KVOU-FM and KUVA-FM, all of Uvalde, to StarCall Broadcasting pursuant to terms of a 9/9/08 contract. That $1.2M agreement did not pan out.

In fact, it took about three years to get another buyer. MBM Radio picked up the two Uvalde FMs and an AM-FM combo licensed to Eagle Pass TX in a 6/17/11 deal worth $2.1M. However, an application to sell the AM to MBM was dismissed.

La Promesa will take the station non-commercial. It owns and operates 3 AMs, 5 FMs and 5 FM translators, with one of the AMs in Alabama and all the other stations in Texas. It has CPs for six FMs (all Texas except for one in Ohio) and one AM; and it has LMAs with two Texas stations and one in Maryland.