V-me, GLR to offer a new multi-platform news environment


GLR Networks and V-me announced the launch of a sponsorable cross-platform news environment. The package includes presence in Minuto 60 — the well-known daily national radio news property from GLR, and national broadcast TV presence with three nightly Minuto 60 news capsules produced by V-me Noticias. The video news pieces will also be available on VmeTV.com.

On radio, GLR taps into a vast network of talk/news/sports journalists and correspondents in 22 countries. On television, V-me Noticias is part of V-me’s high-quality news and current affairs offer that includes Pulitzer winner Andres Oppenheimer and acclaimed journalist Jorge Gestoso.

Sponsorship sales will be handled jointly by the GLR and V-me sales teams.

This will be the first in a number of initiatives between GLR Networks, the U.S. subsidiary for Grupo PRISA’s radio assets, and V-me Media Inc, a recent addition to Grupo PRISA’s strategic media portfolio.