VAB campaign reminds residents of broadcast media


With the growth of new media destinations, some believe that radio and television audiences are declining. Not true–in fact, audiences continue to spend more time with free, local radio and television stations than with all other media combined. As well, the fight for spectrum continues between TV broadcasters and wireless providers. Therefore, the Virginia Association of Broadcasters has launched a new campaign to remind citizens about the importance of local radio and TV. The statewide launch features both :30- and :60-second radio and TV spots, a new website and marketing tools.

The VAB also wants the public to recognize that local broadcasters in Virginia have the unique ability to serve their communities with news and info, including lifesaving information in emergency situations. In addition, local broadcasters serve an important role in democracy by providing the broadest reach of listeners and viewers for political candidates, public officials and other civic leaders in communicating with citizens and voters.

The VAB tapped Pittsburgh-based CapsLock Communications to rebrand the association. This rebranding kicked off with the a new logo. Additional campaign efforts include radio and television commercial spots, website redesign, direct marketing and sales support.

See the TV spots here.