Van Nuys Class A sold


LPTVNRJ Holdings has been snapping up television properties – not too long ago it filed to acquire full power stations in the Houston and San Francisco DMAs. Now it has another transaction in the hopper for a Class A facility in the Los Angeles area.

The station is KSKJ-CD Van Nuys CA, a Class A indy operating on Channel 45. It’s limited range puts it just to the west of Burbank and northwest of the center of Los Angeles.

The seller is Robert Ruiz’s Capital Broadcasting Corp.

The price is $5.7M cash.

NRJ has a number of individuals on its ownership list, including Ted Bartley, Robert Andrews, J. Daniel Sullivan, U. Bertram Ellis Jr., David Pulido, Janet Schoff, James V. Sandry and W. Lawrence Patrick.

The recent full power deal sent KUBE-TV Baytown TX (Houston) and KTNC-TV Concord CA (San Francisco) from TTBG LLC to LLC in what was somewhat of an intramural transaction, since TTBG’s ownership lineup is essentially an abbreviated version of NRJ’s lineup.

NRJ is paying $19M for KUBE and $13.5M for KTNC.