Vancouver TV sportscaster wins lottery–on air (video)


Global BC (CHAN-DT) hosts Sophie Lui and Squire Barnes were great sports when they discovered their sports anchor Barry Deley had won a lottery jackpot prize—a $2.5 million house or $2 million in cash—as they presented their 10/31 morning show from Vancouver. The moment they realized he won they called to tell him live on air while he was shopping. Funny thing–the drawing was done live on Global BC as well.

Deley replied: ‘You know people are going to think this is kind of fishy don’t you?’

See the video here:

He has the choice of $2M in cash or one of four properties in the area worth up to $2.5M after winning the BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery, which is drawn live on Global BC each year.

Seems a good deed comes back to some: Deley had been a regular benefactor to the Children’s Hospital ever since doctors there helped his 11-year-old daughter overcome leukemia in 2004. Deley is pictured with his wife Katie and two daughters Eden, bottom and Angelise, top.

He had a 1 in 288,000 chance of winning. No word yet on which prize the sportscaster picked.