VCI Solutions is putting an end to manual automation


VCI Solutions, a provider of software solutions for broadcast and cable operations, including traffic, sales, accounting, and automation, has officially kicked off a ‘No More Manual Automation’ campaign.  What is manual automation?  VCI Solutions first proposed the question earlier this year when they introduced their new autoXe MC master control automation system to the market. 

“As we began to roll out our new autoXe MC automation system it became clear that the key differentiator between autoXe MC and other automation systems was that we had an automation product that was automated,” said Jamie Meyer, VP/Division Manager, VCI Solutions Automation Division.  “Other systems referred to as ‘automation’ are not truly automated; they require a great deal of manual operation to function.  autoXe MC is putting an end to the standard practice that has become known as – manual automation.”

autoXe MC master control automation manages 1, 15, 50, or more channels in one screen on one workstation.  The system proactively shows you if there is a problem.  There is no need to manually monitor among many separate workstations – the system does the work for you, so that operators can manage the many other tasks at hand.  For example, autoXe MC provides a complete hands-free process with Pathfire Content Delivery Systems from ingest to playout.

As part of the ‘No More Manual Automation’ campaign, VCI Solutions advertisements will showcase several comparisons of what used to be manual processes that have now become automated. Check out the latest ‘No More Manual Automation’ ads here.