This Radio Tech Company Will Underwrite P1 Futures Program


To help lure college Juniors and Seniors toward careers in broadcast media sales through a program administered by a Kansas City-area “eLearning” company, the firm behind a commonly used radio workflow software is providing a big financial boost.

P1 Learning is partnering with vCreative.

The teaming up of vCreative, led by Jinny Laderer, will help P1 Learning in ramping up its “P1 Futures Program,” a two-week “pop-up” curriculum designed to educate college students on a career in broadcast with a focus on broadcast sales.

With vCreative’s underwriting, this seeks to “put the broadcast industry on the radar for more than 50 college students,” P1 Learning notes.

The partnership comes following a largely successful 2018 Radio Show, with Laderer and vCreative team members in attendance.

State Broadcasters Associations have allowed more than 100 collegiate students to go through the P1 Futures Program thus far. Additional funding from underwriters will help continue the success the program has cultivated.

“This program is rapidly gaining momentum,” said Bryan Marriott, VP of Marketing and Sales for P1 Learning. “With broadcast-based companies like vCreative relying heavily on a healthy broadcast industry, we anticipate and welcome more underwriters in the future.”

As an underwriter, vCreative will receive recognition within P1 Futures Program written and online promotional materials, as well as live events.