Venevision International closes deal w/ TVN Panama for programming


Venevision International, a global entertainment company of the Cisneros Group of Companies, reached an agreement with Televisora Nacional (TVN) in Panama for the production and broadcast of the highly successful game-show format of “Guerra de los sexos” [Battle of the Sexes].

“Venevision International is proud to offer an ample variety of proven formats that have been successful in national and international markets, and ‘Guerra de los sexos’ is another example of the excellence and versatility of our extensive catalog,” emphasized Manuel Perez, Vice President & CFO of Venevision International who manages the company’s operations from its headquarters in Miami, Florida.  “The emphasis on the sale of formats responds to the company’s diversification strategy and to the new trends we envision for the international markets,” he added.

Soon television audiences in Panama will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most important game-shows in Latin America, and viewers will be able to identify with the talent and participants since it will be produced locally by TVN.  For example, in Ecuador, the local production of the “Guerra de los sexos” [Battle of the Sexes] – hosted by two renowned Ecuadorian stars, TV personality Gabriela Pazmiño and musician Fabricio Ferreti – was an instant hit; since its debut, it became the top rated show in its timeslot (Sundays, from 9:00 to 11:15 PM).

“In order to assure continued innovation in our national productions, and to provide the best entertainment options to the Panamanian families, TVN is proud to announce its local production of ‘Guerra de los sexos.’  For several years, we have offered our viewers the Venezuelan version of this program; now we have taken this important step that we are sure will please our television audience,” assured Luis Mouynes, Production and Programming Director of TVN.

Venevision International represents and promotes the sale of the “Guerra de los sexos” [Battle of the Sexes] format, an original concept of the Venezuelan television channel Venevision, its sister company as part of the Cisneros Group of Companies, in addition to the products produced by Venevision Productions, the largest independent producer of Spanish-language programming in the United States.  Venevision International, with more than 35 years in the industry and based on its expertise in live programs and game-shows, has an extensive catalog from which the products to be offered as formats originate.

“We are confident that TVN will be successful with the ‘Guerra de los sexos’ format,’ especially since this program is original and universal, ideal to be adapted to the demographic of any international market, particularly Panama’s, in this case,” assured Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Sales of Venevision International.  “Our focus on the sale of formats is concentrated on exploiting and adapting the company’s ample catalog, which includes talk-shows, game-shows and dramas, as well as in the development of dramatic and entertaining formats; example of this is the success achieved by channel Astro Ria in Malaysia with the format of the teen series ‘Somos tu y yo’ [You and Me].”