VER Invests In An Array of Riedel Products


VER, a supplier of equipment and technical expertise for television, cinema, live music, sports, and corporate production, has puts its faith — and money — into a diverse set of products from the Riedel MediorNet real-time media network family.

Products include the MetroN core router, MicroN 80G media distribution network device, and MediorNet Compact Pro frames. Each will support VER’s offering of broadcast and production services.

“Riedel’s MediorNet family gives us the reliable performance and versatile signal routing and transport capabilities that are essential to the success of extraordinary projects and productions,” Jeff Werner, Director of Fiber Optics at VER, said of his company’s investment.

VER is known for offering rental equipment, as well as for its expertise in audio, video, lighting, LED, camera, rigging, media servers, fiber, and other aspects of production. Its services include multicamera production, broadcasting, creative screens control, enhanced environment, LED installation, and video system services.

The first implementation of the MediorNet system involved multiple sources and devices that required a flexible routing solution allowing the dynamic ability to insert a source anywhere in the chain and move it to any destination without requiring a direct path. The simplification of the audio and video paths was key to the success of the show. Using a system comprised of five small racks for capture or distribution gave VER the ability to manage audio, video, and data in a single environment and meant that they could instantly move and assign sources with the seamless precision and redundancy that is required for a live broadcast.