Verance, Triveni Team For ATSC 3.0 Integration Effort


Triveni Digital has partnered with Verance Corporation to integrate Verance Aspect, a key component of the ATSC 3.0 television standard that broadcasters are able to use in today’s ATSC 1.0 environment, into Triveni’s StreamScope MT-50 video, audio, and metadata monitoring and analysis system.

Triveni becomes the first test and measurement provider to implement the Aspect audio open watermark solution, which enables measurement, interactivity, personalization, and advanced emergency alerting services across TVs and other devices.

FOX O&O WOFL-35 in Orlando is the first station to conduct a test of StreamScope integrated with Aspect.

The companies will look to expand their collaboration to include additional capabilities of Aspect, which is also integrated into the AERO family of real-time and file-based TV station audio processors from Linear Acoustic.

Verance CEO Nil Shah said, “Our new partnership will greatly benefit broadcasters as they prepare for next-generation television by expanding the integration of Aspect. Use of our watermark will enhance broadcasters’ access to products and will grant them greater insight into who is watching their programming. It will also improve their ability to distribute additional DTV services, including interactivity and targeted advertising, for a better and more personalized TV experience.”

Later this year, Triveni Digital will integrate Aspect with its StreamScope XM MT ATSC 3.0 monitor and analyzer.

Detection of the Aspect open watermark by Triveni’s StreamScope real-time monitoring and analysis products is enabled by a software upgrade. This allows the products to extract the payload information and show the watermark data alongside other analysis provided by the StreamScope line of products. Users can include Aspect detection events as triggers for recording streams in detailed reports, as well as in automatic error notices and reports sent to key personnel.