Best New Radio Tech: Attributed To Veritone


What’s the “Best New Radio Technology” out there in the marketplace today?

As the NAB sees it, one should look no further than Veritone.

The creator of the aiWARE operating system for artificial intelligence is celebrating the selection of the “near real-time” media attribution Attribute as a recipient of a Product of the Year Award at the 2019 NAB Show.

Veritone took the honor in the Best New Radio Technology category in recognition of one of the most significant and promising new products and technologies showcased by exhibitors.

“Nominees like Veritone are revolutionizing the way people experience media and entertainment,” said NAB EVP/Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown. “The 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards highlight the best of what’s new at the premier launchpad for breakthroughs at the intersection of media, entertainment, and technology.”

Veritone Attribute gives radio and television broadcasters the ability to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in near real-time. Attribute makes connections between advertising campaigns and activity on the advertiser’s website within a user defined timespan. Attribute analyzes data related to prerecorded spots, and to live reads and organic mentions.

The information gleaned from Attribute gives broadcasters the ability to better contend with their digital counterparts, while at the same time providing advertisers a means to complement their digital advertising strategy by understanding campaign performance across multiple channels.

“Attribute addresses a need to quantifiably demonstrate how well campaigns are working and provide optimization insights for those that are underperforming,” said Michael Kennedy, product manager for Veritone Attribute. “It’s very gratifying to have this recognized by the NAB.”