Veritone Rolls Out New Capabilities to Campaign Analytics, Attribution Tools


Veritone, the creator of AI-powered operating system aiWARE, has made “significant enhancements” to its campaign analytics and attribution applications, Veritone Discovery and Veritone Attribute.

According to the company, these enhancements to Veritone Discovery (an AI-powered campaign search and analysis application) and Veritone Attribute (an AI-enabled broadcast attribution application) can give stations greater visibility into content performance, including advertisements correlate broadcast advertising placements of all formats with website interaction data in near real-time.

An improved interface will also make it easier and more intuitive to deliver actionable intelligence and drive ad revenue, a company representative says.

Veritone Discovery, an AI-powered campaign search and analysis application, is designed to provide in-depth visibility into content performance, including advertisements. Veritone has recently updated the tool to include several new enhancements, including:

  • Earned Media Monitoring via a new watchlist mode that programmatically identifies and differentiates scheduled campaign spots from sponsorships and in-content mentions. This enables broadcasters to easily track and take credit for the added value they deliver in campaigns.
  • Expanded Nielsen Data enabling subscribing stations to use the most current monthly currency and the ability to select which currency/books to quantify campaign performance against.
  • New Reporting Customization that allows for campaign results to be distinctively classified and summarized based on campaign components (earned media, paid v. bonus, etc.). These custom labels are now applied to updated analytics charts and graphs for improved insights.
  • Updated and Improved AI Models that provide for increased accuracy and precision of key words and phrases, as well as expanded support for foreign languages.

“Over the past three years, using Discovery has proven to be a game changer for our radio business,” said Paul Blake, VP/Director of Sales at Beasley Media Group in Philadelphia. “We originally selected Veritone for its innovation, agility and collaboration. The team is incessantly dedicated to evolving their applications to benefit all of our customers, which is incredibly valuable.”

Veritone Attribute, a leading AI-enabled broadcast attribution application, correlates broadcast advertising placements of all formats –– including pre-produced spots, organic mentions and live reads –– with website interaction data in near real-time. New enhancements to the solution include:

  • Enhanced enterprise management and user-centric workflows including seamless station switching, simplified advertiser and campaign set-up, and white-labeled emails.
  • Introduction of User Permissioning, Grouping and Sharing, including the implementation of user management, sales team collaboration and access controls, as well as new peer-to-peer sharing functionalities.
  • Traffic Channel Filtering, enabling users to measure web-traffic channels that are attributable to the broadcast campaign.
  • Intelligent analytics, which include multi-dimensional charts and responsive data views, as well as improved analytics capabilities that makes information easier to digest and present.
  • Improved Administration configurability with complete representation of all users by role type and team grouping, as well as organization controls to establish time zone preference and enhanced flexibility to map data to power dashboards.
  • Creative Name mapping enables Administrators to easily view and understand how its broadcast metadata applies to Attribute in order to reveal unique creative performance.

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