Radio’s Winning Plan: Attribution Through AI


At the 2018 Radio Show, attribution was one topic that had attendees talking.

While top executives like iHeart’s Bob Pittman, Entercom’s David Field, and Traug Keller of ESPN elaborated the importance of attribution, data, and analytics for radio to remain relevant to advertisers, Veritone released a new AI-driven media attribution tool that tracks the efficacy of advertising in broadcast radio.

An October 30 webinar will provide full details of the tool’s best uses.

Thanks to the newly released Veritone Attribute, customer behavior impact analytics from pre-recorded, native, and organic mentions can enable broadcasters to systematically verify and analyze the effect of the customers’ advertising placements in near real-time.

Veritone Attribute, the company says, is the first AI-powered attribution solution that is able to demonstrate consumer response to both pre-recorded and live mentions in near real-time.

Radio executives and managers seeking to learn more about Veritone’s new AI-driven media attribution solution are invited to join Managing Director of Enterprise Radio Solutions Paul Cramer and Senior Product Manager Michael Kennedy in a live, no-cost webinar hosted by Ed Ryan, editor of Radio Ink.

The Webinar is scheduled for 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/5pm British Isles/6pm Western Europe on Tuesday, October 30, making this perfect for radio broadcasting companies in North America, the U.K. and Ireland, and across Europe.

To register for this FREE webinar, please click here:



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