Westwood One Widens Its Veritone Partnership


The network owned by Cumulus Media known for its nationally distributed play-by-play sports programming and several syndicated general entertainment programs is “making good to advertisers on its promise to provide analytics for native advertising and live reads.”

In doing so, it is expanding its partnership with Veritone.

The new arrangement will see Veritone-powered monitoring, verification and measurement of in-content audio ad units and sponsorship campaigns across Westwood One’s live programming.

This marks an expansion from WW1’s current use of Veritone, which has focused on the monitoring of all play-by-play sports—including National Football League and NCAA collegiate football games; The Masters golf tournament; the PGA Championship; and NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games each March.

Now, Veritone will monitor such WW1-syndicated programs as The Mark Levin Show, The Michael Savage Show, The Chris Plante Show, The Lia Show, The Blair Garner Show, NASH Nights Live, Ty, Chuck, and Kelly, The Bob & Tom Show, and the Zach Sang Show.

Veritone offers near-real-time, audience and content analytics through its aiWARE platform, which connects audience data to verify ad and sponsorship efficacy, provides strategic content discovery and 360° analytics, smart content management, and media sharing and distribution.

“This addition is another first for the radio industry,” said Suzanne Grimes, President of Westwood One. “In addition to verification, which is crucial, our advertisers can monitor their own campaigns. Voiced reads, in-program interviews, commercial audio, and native brand mentions airing during Westwood One live programming are now captured and made searchable.”

Veritone Media SVP/GM Drew Hilles said of Westwood One, “As a leading and innovative national radio content syndication network and an early partner of Veritone, they recognize the power of artificial intelligence and the benefits it can bring their clients.”