Verizon competitor protests AWS purchase


T-Mobile wonders why telco giant Verizon needs to acquire AWS spectrum from a consortium of cable companies – it says that Verizon isn’t even using the AWS spectrum it currently has under license. T-Mobile added that Verizon’s plan to sell spectrum in the 700 MHz band isn’t all that great for competition either.

According to a Hillicon Valley report, T-Mobile met with FCC officials to express its concerns with Verizon’s proposed dealings.

T-Mobile objects to Verizon acquiring the cable companies’ AWS spectrum partly on grounds that Verizon has been sitting on spectrum in the same zone for several years. T-Mobile said on the other hand that if it was able to procure some of the AWS spectrum it would put it to good use ASAP.

The smaller telco also pointed out that the 700 MHz Verizon is contemplating selling has problems – it lacks national scope and much of it borders and would suffer interference from high-power frequency users in the broadcast television universe. The portion it wants to sell is also said to be incompatible with other portions of the band.