Verizon Wireless sponsors CC Radio HD2 stations


Taking it up from just a few markets to national, Verizon Wireless can now consider itself the first national advertiser to sponsor HD Radio multicasts. On-air and also streaming on 21 CC Radio stations, the branded “Verizon New Music” channel features blocks of songs and interviews with hot new artists on 21 HD multicast stations and online streams.
Here are the stations:
WHTZ-FM (New York)                                 
KIIS-FM (Los Angeles)
WKSC-FM (Chicago)                                    
KYLD-FM (San Francisco)
KHKS-FM (Dallas)                                        
KHMX-FM (Houston)
WIOQ-FM (Philadelphia)                               
WKLS-FM (Atlanta)
WIHT-FM (Washington, DC)                         
WXKS-FM (Boston)
WKQI-FM (Detroit)                                       
WHYI-FM (Miami)
KUBE-FM (Seattle)                                        
KZZP-FM (Phoenix)
KDWB-FM (Minneapolis)                              
KHTS-FM (San Diego)
WFLZ-FM (Tampa)                                       
KSLZ-FM (St. Louis)
KBPI-FM (Denver)                                        
WKST-FM (Pittsburgh)
WRVQ-FM (Richmond)

RBR/TVBR observation: It would be interesting to see if more people were listening via HD Radio or online. The CC Radio strategy of pairing multicast channels with Internet streams is probably borne out of necessity—but a good idea nonetheless. Certainly some of the AOL/CBS Radio/ formats could be tried in a similarly-networked fashion as advertiser-branded channels.