This Is Vertical Bridge’s New VP/Broadcast Leasing


BOCA RATON, FLA. — Vertical Bridge, the privately held owner and manager of communications towers across the U.S., is celebrating the completion of the first week on the job for its newly named VP of Broadcast Leasing.

As of Oct. 2, Joe Meleski is in the role, having exited as VP of U.S. Sales at Electronics Research Inc. (ERI).

In his new position, Meleski will focus on supporting Vertical Bridge’s growing presence in the broadcast industry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Joe to our broadcast leasing team,” said Alex Gellman, CEO and co-Founder of Vertical Bridge. “His tenure and deep connections in the broadcast space, in addition to his unique combination of experience in sales, project management, and construction, will play an important role in helping us continue to expand our broadcast portfolio.”

Meleski brings more than two decades of broadcast experience to Vertical Bridge.

He said, “Vertical Bridge has evolved into one of the top players in the broadcast infrastructure space, and I’m looking forward to helping it continue this successful momentum. I am also excited to be part of a company that understands where the industry is headed and can quickly adapt to those changes.”


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