VIDEA Metadata? A Red Bee Will Supply It


Ericcson subsidiary Red Bee Media, a global media services company, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Cox Media Group-owned Videa to supply textual metadata aimed at providing a comprehensive source for programming and ratings estimates for automated TV sales.

Videa is known for its broadcast TV linear automated and programmatic tools, and both Videa and London-based Red Bee see the partnership as a catalyst for “significant growth opportunities” — as data becomes a more important piece of the television sales process.

“Videa enables its platform to use innovative forecasting algorithms which are created through machine learning,” Red Bee said. “To optimize its algorithmic data services offerings, Videa will include textual metadata from Red Bee Media in their next generation system.”

Red Bee Media will provide “forward-looking textual scheduling data” up to 14 days in advance and 30 days backward, as well as archived data from our database covering up to one year of television scheduling data.

Videa will be able to use this data to provide network programming changes and algorithmic ratings estimates for automated linear TV sales over Videa’s platform.

Red Bee Media supplies metadata services, recommendation technology and exclusive access to IMDb ratings to a wide variety of companies investing in media experiences, including Broadcasters, Studios, MVPDs and Satellite TV providers across the globe.