Vipology Unveils New Offerings At Radio Show


RBR + TVBR Products and Services

Los Angeles-based app builder Vipology has launched a duo of digital products designed for the industry.

One product, Vipology AI (Audience Intelligence), allows AM and FM stations to gather critical behavioral research that supports local sales campaigns with real-time consumer data, providing detailed data on their preferences and buying habits.

Programmers may also wish to consider Vipology AI as a tool when examining a station’s Time Spent Listening and listener preferences.

At the same time, Virtuoso by Vipology has been launched as “a modern and mobile web experience for stations and their audiences,” with a cloud hosting service available as needed.

The website build includes optimized security, redundancy, DDoS Protection, and software management systems, along with unlimited storage space and bandwidth for optimal speed and performance.

Vipology Chief Technology Officer Brian Parsons said, “We’re proud to empower local stations and groups alike with enterprise level content management and audience intelligence to effectively compete with all of the emerging digital pure plays. Using Virtuoso by Vipology and AI together yields new insights that directly power local sales, arming them with critical data about their audience.”

RBR + TVBR Products & Services