Virginia AM gets an FM translator


Monticello Media’s WCHV-AM Charlottesville, VA is the latest senior band station to receive FCC authorization to simulcast on an FM translator. “We’ve had numerous listeners ask us what we can do to help them get the station better during non-sunlight hours.  There is nothing we can do to increase or improve our AM signal. But adding the FM translator at 94.1 will resolve those issues for many people,” said VP/GM Dennis Mockler.

The AM continues to be on 1260 kHz with 5kw day and 2.5kw night, the latter with a highly directional four-tower pattern. (The day pattern uses three towers, but is a somewhat more rounded coverage area.) The new FM translator on 94.1 MHz has 208 watts and covers all of the city of Charlottesville, plus a fair amount of the surrounding area.