Virginia group doubles down in Danville


Lakes Media, a license company that is part of Birch Broadcasting Corporation, will now be able to reach the citizens of Danville VA when the sun goes down. It’s on-air presence will not get it into the blowtorch hall of fame – we’re talking 54 Watts – but that’s more than the company’s currently owned daytime AM has.

The station being acquired is WVOV-AM, which plies the airwaves on 970 kHz. The station has 1 kW-D to go along with its nighttime Wattage, and is non-directional at all times.

It is being paired up with WWDN-AM, which has 1 kW nondirectional on 1580 kHz, daytime only.

The seller, Danville Christian Radio, is headed by Sherwood Tony Johnson. DCR stands to make $50K on the deal.

Birch is owned by Thomas C. Birch and Aurora D.P. Birch.

They own a string of radio stations that are all in the southern extremity of Virginia not far from the North Carolina border, including WSHV-AM and WKSK-FM in South Hill VA. Other stations include WLUS-FM Clarksville VA and WHLF-FM South Boston VA. The group essentially has four distinct service areas – the only overlap is that between stations licensed to the same community.