Virtual Radio Techology Released


The technology is available to stations around the world. Called VRS1 (pronounced “verse one”) which stands for “virtual radio studio, 1 feed” it enables stations to broadcast directly to an AM or FM transmitter for OTA broadcasts,” complete with automation, playout, and encoder.

“The radio industry has been trying to figure out ways to reduce overhead for years while the streaming industry has very much been aware of the benefits of audio over IP as a STL alternative, but with no real way to implement it until now,” EmpireStraming Dir. of Sales Matt Kellogg said. “With the FCC no longer requiring a physical studio in the market in which you’re broadcasting, VRS1 is the perfect solution for these radio stations to reduce expenses. The radio DJ will always be the heartbeat of radio, and with the significant savings VRS1 offers, the painful and harrowing decision to make layoffs to radio’s most prized possession no longer needs to be made. Add to the fact we have clients already doing this successfully points to a track record of success where other streaming vendors have none. VRS1 is the clear virtual radio studio choice of the future.”