Visa launches campaign for prepaid debit cards


Visa announced the first phase of a national marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness about the benefits of using reloadable prepaid debit cards instead of cash for purchases. The campaign is designed to reach financially underserved consumers in particular — those without a traditional banking relationship, access to a payment card or mainstream financial services, and who rely heavily on cash for everyday transactions.

The effort integrates radio, social media, mobile, digital, grassroots events, as well as in-store demos, displays, and promotions. Digital media is a central element of the campaign. Online display ads provide direct access to purchasing cards online through Visa partners, and social media enables consumers to connect as a community through the Visa Prepaid Debit Facebook page ( In-store demonstrations and local events provide an opportunity for personal interaction with consumers, where product experts explain how reloadable prepaid cards work, and help consumers apply for a card onsite.