Voice-Activated Ads Added At Audiomack


Instreamatic and music streaming platform Audiomack have inked a deal that will enable Audiomack to utilize Instreamatic’s AI-powered “voice era” technology to deliver and measure voice-activated ads across the Audiomack native iOS and Android mobile apps.

Listeners will be able to interact with less than 10-second ads by voice command, responding with a request for more information, open a webpage, call a company, download an app, or simply skip the ad and resume listening to music.

It’s a technological advance every radio station owner should take note of.

“Use of voice-activated ads by on-demand audio services, podcasters, broadcaster streams and others provide a much better user experience and higher conversion rates and ROI for advertisers due to the extremely high levels of engagement,” says Stas Tushinskiy, CEO at Instreamatic. “An important added benefit for publishers is the significant lift to the value of ads and overall revenue.”

Global clients of Instreamatic are already benefiting from voice-activated advertising, Tushinskiy says, with recent campaigns delivering engagement rates above 20% and “interest ” rates over 3%—”well beyond traditional audio ad performance.”

Dave Edwards, VP Brand Partnerships at Audiomack, added, “We have been unable to find a good use case for implementation of traditional, one-way audio ads, due to their low CPM’s, length, and lack of interactivity.  Instreamatic’s brief, interactive, two-way audio ads are the first approach to this medium offering a potential pathway to profitable and worthwhile audio advertising for our platform, and we’re excited about the potential of the technology.”