Voice Dialogue Technology: An Instreamatic Ad To Yield More Ads


Did you know that there is a tool that allows both media companies and advertisers to measure, manage and monetize audio content through the use of new interactive voice technology, powered by artificial intelligence?

Instreamatic has been offering such a voice dialogue marketing platform to radio, and an operator of radio stations in the Hoosier State believes it can benefit from the technology.

That company is Federated Media, a privately held licensee of a dozen radio properties in Indiana. Thanks to a partnership finalized in mid-February, Instreamatic’s voice dialogue technology is now available to advertisers across Federated Media’s ecosystem of audio content.

The partnership also allows Federated Media to use Instreamatic’s voice ad exchange and programmatic network. 

Instreamatic’s platform allows for continuous dialogue communication, allowing conversations that “span not just multiple ads, but across channels and audio publishers as well,” the San Francisco-based company says. “Advertisers can re-engage listeners and present fresh ad content tailored to the full history of each listener’s engagements (and their responses to each ad within a campaign). Instreamatic advanced voice AI and deep learning mechanisms provide the dialogue ad content, performs analysis on listener responses, and then leverages that analysis to iterate and improve the platform’s understanding of listener intent. This allows advertisers to build brand relationships, while optimizing each touchpoint with potential customers.”

For Federated Media, advertising clients gain access to apps and streaming audio for 12 radio stations with voice dialogue ad experiences — all that can be measured. 

Compared to passive audio ads, dialogue advertising has been shown in recent case studies to deliver “more meaningful and more memorable” brand engagement experiences, Instreamatic notes.

“Instreamatic’s voice dialogue advertising is a breakthrough innovation that not only provides great user experience but also solves the measurement challenge that digital audio traditionally had,” said James Derby, Chief Strategy Officer with Federated Media. “We’re excited to be partnering with Instreamatic, and to introduce dialogue advertising experiences across our audio media properties.” 

Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy added, “We’re proud to be partnering with Federated Media, and eager to provide dialogue advertising as a means for brand advertisers and listeners to connect more effectively.”