Volvo unveils its naughty side


Don’t be fooled by all the safety features and the Swedish exterior. Those cars you’re looking at are “Naughty Volvos,” reports The Boston Globe. So says a new ad campaign partly developed by Arnold Worldwide of Boston. The ad wants to alert the world that the new Volvo S60 has a fun and adventurous side. Hence, the “Naughty Volvo” theme, which invites car buffs to be “as naughty as you want to be.” Some of the work can be viewed at

Arnold said it collaborated on the online campaign with EuroRSCG 4D. The campaign launches with a digital experience in March and will expand throughout the year to include TV, social marketing, PR and more. The opening of the campaign centers around three Naughty Volvo Films shot at Volvo’s proving grounds in Sweden.