Voter discontent with Political Bobbleheads


U.S. Senate victory in Massachusetts proved one thing, “the People are not Stupid” and the message sent to political types inside the beltway is, “Fix the Economy – Stupid.” 

Voter Discontent witn Political Bobbleheads: President Obama, all Political types: they do not get it and they do not listen, they are “Stuck on Stupid.”

The blame game is over for President Obama, his Whitehouse governing team and Democrats that have not listened over the past year. To no surprise the independent voters voiced their concern on the below issues by a wide margin.

The key today and going forward will be: Are the political bobbleheads listening or at they “Stuck on Stupid.”

Another signal that was sent over this past week was the actions taken by Wall Street, and watching, again, the average American’s portfolio drop back to March 2009 value. In a nutshell the market tanked and just close above 10,000 Friday, 01/29/10 and it is not the January effect it is inside the beltway that is problem.

Small business will be one of the few keys that will restart the economy. Small business no matter what Obama does or his plan falls way short of starting a fire to give any small business, less that 100 employees, a reason to hire.

Small businesses have been hit hard, owners first need to rebuild cash flow and a stronger bottom line and then being able to make their internal projections of revenue growth before they can even think of hiring new people.

That is something Obama and political types Do Not Get because they have not started or build a small business themselves.

In short: Inside the beltway is and has been out of touch with the average person for years and the result of the research demonstrates this, again. Only 13% Plan to Re-elect Incumbent Congressperson.

Almost half (47.9%) of registered voters say that if the Presidential election were held today they would vote for someone other than President Obama, according to the latest American Pulse survey of over 5,000 Americans. 37.1% would vote to re-elect him while 15% are undecided (65.1% of those undecided are Democrats and Independents). Less than stellar grades regarding campaign promises he made on reforming healthcare, job creation and transparency could be some of the reasons why people are currently less likely to vote for President Obama than they are for someone else.

What grade would you give President Obama for his efforts regarding each of his following campaign promises?: (Registered Voters)
              National health    Create millions of jobs    Be the most transparent
              Insurance reform   through stimulus           President in history
A  Excellent   7.4%               6.2%                       10.9%
B  Good       21.7%              12.3%                      19.9%
C  Fair         26.2%              22.4%                      25.2%
D  Poor        19.4%              21.0%                      13.7%
F  Failure      25.3%              38.1%                      30.3%

Further, it appears that Democrats on Capitol Hill have their work cut out for them if they hope to maintain majorities in the House and Senate come November. Regarding Congressional seats up for election, 13.1% of registered voters plan to re-elect their incumbent, 33.5% plan to vote for someone new and over half (50.4%) are undecided.

There also seems to be some uncertainty in the Democratic Party; over half of the party’s registered voters are undecided about how they will vote.

Regarding Congressional seats up for election in November, do you plan on re-electing the incumbent representative or voting in someone new?            

                     Registered            Registered            Registered
                Republican Voters     Democratic Voters     Independent Voters
Incumbent       10.2%                 19.7%                 9.5%
Someone new   44.5%                 24.3%                 37.7%
Undecided        44.0%                 53.5%                 50.2%
I don’t vote        1.3%                  2.5%                  2.6%



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