Wal-Mart asks for dismissal of Roehm suit


MarketWatch.com reported Wal-Mart Stores has asked a state court in Michigan to dismiss the lawsuit filed by fired SVP/Marketing Communications Julie Roehm contending she lives in Arkansas.

Roehm, who has been at the heart of a series of accusations about ethics breaches, was fired in December after only 10 months on the job after leaving a similar high-profile position at Chrysler in Michigan. Her suit claims breach of contract and was followed by a countersuit from Wal-Mart with similar charges.

Last month Roehm responded to the suit, lobbing charges of ethics breaches by a number of Wal-Mart execs, including CEO Lee Scott (6/5/07 TVBR #109)

On Wednesday, Wal-Mart filed to have the entire case thrown out over confusion about where Roehm lives, according to the story. She has residences in Michigan and Arkansas, but has paid taxes from Arkansas and has an Arkansas driver's license, according to lawsuits.

Wal-Mart filed the motion on the basis the complaint should have been filed in Arkansas, Simley said. What's more, her employment contract specifies that if there were a dispute it would be heard in Arkansas.
"And, it's an inconvenient venue," Simley said, "because all of the witnesses are in Arkansas."

If the judge upholds the request, Roehm's case will be thrown out of Michigan court and to continue it, she'll need to refile in Arkansas.