Wal-Mart kicking off back-to-school season


Many children have just started getting the hang of life without school, a sure sign that it's time for retailers to ruin it with constant reminders that school is in fact just around the corner. Wal-Mart is on record as ready to kick off its campaign with price cuts and ads. According to Reuters, the retail giant is going to try to use the season to boost overall store sales, and will utilize an ever-changing series of special prices to get parents and their children into the venues. With the changes will be an ever-evolving advertising campaign; Wal-Mart will need to keep fresh bait on the hook to keep the foot traffic flowing through the stores.

SmartMedia observation: If you have a retailer in your town which would like to deprive Wal-Mart of at a portion of the back-to-school dollar, it is past time to get them signed to a contract. Remind them that they will need to give business to your station if they'd like to keep Wal-Mart from taking all of their own business.