WALA, WFNA launch campaign to stop texting while driving


LIN Broadcasting’s WALA-TV (Fox), WFNA-TV (CW) and fox10tv.com Mobile-Pensacola have launched “W82TXT” (Wait to Text), a community awareness effort that encourages drivers to not text while driving.  The campaign will include commercials, events, community partnerships, news special reports, internet items and grass roots marketing. WALA, WFNA and fox10tv.com will also distribute W82TXT thumb bands to remind people not to text while driving.

FOX10 News Director Bob Cashen says they’ve covered their share of stories that show young people injured or killed because of texting and driving: “We are committing our news, our websites, our stations and our staff to help get the word out about this dangerous problem.”

A recent study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that drivers were 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash if texting while driving. 
The website distraction.gov estimates that distracted driving of any kind is comparable to a blood alcohol concentration of .08% (the legal limit in numerous states).

The stations say more events and information about distracted driving will be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, they want to encourage everyone to wait. Wait to Text.