Walden facing a primary


Greg WaldenAs Chair of the influential House Subcommittee on Communications, former radio group owner Greg Walden (R-OR) gives broadcasters perhaps their strongest advocate in Congress. However, he was earlier placed on the “Primary My Congressman” list by Club for Growth, and CfG’s wish has come true.

The challenge is coming from the right in the form of Klamath County Commissioner Dennis Linthicum.

Linthicum told The Oregonian that people “don’t like the crony capitalism and elitism that is coming out of Washington,” and suggested that as a career politician, Walden is part of the problem.

In addition to his Communications chair, Walden also holds the very high-profile chairmanship of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the primary political wing of his caucus.

Walden has served in Congress since 1998 and has not faced a serious challenge since.

In a statement, Walden said, “I work hard every day to get results for Oregonians, and I look forward to earning their trust again next year. I remain focused on reducing the size and cost of government and growing Oregon’s economy to create jobs in the woods, on our farms, and in the high tech sector.”

Walden earned his spot on the Club for Growth list by opposing a proposal backed by President Barack Obama and some Republican leaders to lower Social Security cost-of-living increases. CfG said it was part of Walden’s “long record” of supporting spending increases.

RBR-TVBR observation: We do not take sides in political races, but this is one instance where it may be wise to make an exception. Whatever your politics, as a broadcaster it is impossible to deny the value of having one of our own at the head of the most important subcommittee in the House.

Stated quite simply, Walden gets it because he’s done it – he knows first-hand the issues broadcasters face every day, and is in a position to not only advocate for the industry, but to help set the agenda on Capitol Hill.

So we will table consideration of all of the many issues of the day and state that we’d like to see Walden stick around for a while and continue to wield his chairnan’s gavel on behalf of broadcasters.