Walden fires up the griddle for the FCC


U.S. CongressAs always, there are a lot of important issues percolating away at the FCC, and now, there is a new five-member 8th Floor contingent to deal with them, including new Chairman Tom Wheeler. Greg Walden (R-OR) and the rest of the House Communications Subcommittee would like few words.

In addition to Wheeler, Michael O’Rielly is a newcomer to the Commission.

They will be joined by veterans Mignon Clyburn, Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai on 12/12/13.

“With the recent confirmations of Chairman Tom Wheeler and Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, the commission is once again fully constituted. As the subcommittee of jurisdiction, we’re looking forward to sitting down with the commission on December 12 and having an open, wide ranging discussion that will include everything from cell phones on airplanes to FCC process reforms and the status of the incentive auctions, as we work on the 2014 telecommunications agenda,” said Walden. “The communications and technology sector is a welcome bright spot in our economy, and we must continue working to ensure the innovation and job growth continues to flourish.”

Topics of concern include incentive auctions, the 5 GHz band, telephone internet protocol, the UHF discount and FCC process reform.