Walden set to move on FCC reform


Greg WaldenAfter being stymied by the Senate in 2012, House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) is back again with a bill that would change the way the FCC does business. According to The Hill, he told the American Enterprise Institute that he would be pushing for action sooner rather than later.

“We’ve worked with all of the stakeholders, held multiple hearings, and are now working with our colleagues in a bi-partisan approach to see if we can agree on legislation to get this done sometime this fall,” said Walden, according to The Hill’s citation of his prepared remarks.

The bill would require the FCC to do a cost-benefit analysis of any regulation it seeks to create, among other things.

Walden has had no trouble drumming up support for the measure among members of his own party, but Democrats have been a tougher sell. They believe the motivation for the bill is to hamstring the FCC’s ability to regulate in general.

The last time such legislation was on the table it passed the House and never saw the light of day in the Senate.