Walgreens Gains Ground


Media-Monitors1by Dwight Douglas, Media Monitors

Last week in the Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten, GEICO held onto to #1 with 39,656 spots. Moving up from #18 to #2 was Walgreens with 32,042 spots, while AutoZone stayed at #3 airing 30,105 spots. iHeartRadio bagged #4 running 26,746 announcements and the Nissan Dealer Association accelerated to #5 with 25,241 spots. McDonald’s slid to #6 with 25,007 spots, while The Home Depot delivered #7 with 23,845 ads. Macy’s leapt from #22 to #8 with 23,365 spots and Sprint connected at #9 with 23,025 spots. JCPenney was #10 airing 20,316 spots.












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