Walgreens launches effort to promote in-store brands


The national drug-store chain launched its first national TV campaign for Walgreens-branded health and wellness products on 2/13. It has traditionally used Sunday newspaper circulars and in-store signs. The campaign includes shows “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Modern Family,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Survivor” and “The Big Bang Theory,” according to a NY Times story, and emphasizes the affordability and quality of the Walgreens brand products and uses the store’s 26,000 pharmacists as the theme. The new effort is an extension of its “There’s a Way” campaign, via AOR Downtown Partners.

The spots show a woman in an elevator whose Walgreen pharmacist recommended cold tablets and hot soup for her cold. After she sneezes, a fellow elevator passenger gives her a cautious look. The second and third scenes include a mother whose Walgreen pharmacist recommends “bubble gum flavor and patience” as her son hides behind a toy shield, and a man standing in a restaurant who is recommended “antacid tablets and only one taco.”

Walgreens has partnered with Digitas for the digital portion. Banner ads comparing Walgreens store brands to name brands will also appear on ABC.com and CBS.com. They list comparisons between store brands and brand names, including when store brands contain the same active ingredients or may be less expensive and usually backed by a guarantee. Walgreens also partnered with BlogHer to reach its target demo of women 25-54. TheFrugalGirl.com and SliceOfLemon.com are included.

Walgreens spent $271 million on advertising for the 2010 fiscal year, $334 million in 2009 and $341 million in 2008, according to the story.