Walgreens Seeks To Win Over Radio Listeners


by Diana Stokey, Media Monitors

Walgreens is in a battle with CVS/Pharmacy, as CVS Health ponders an acquisition with Aetna. The drug store/convenience store marketplace is hypercompetitive, and Walgreens wants to stay top-of-mind with all customers. This could explain its activity at radio stations tracked by Media Monitors for the week ending Oct. 29.

In last week’s Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten report, Walgreens — owner of ubiquitous New York institution Duane Reade — landed at No. 9 thanks to a bump in radio station activity totaling 22,043 spots.

Other highlights for the week, as shown below, include a whole bunch of spots for DirecTV and the return of the No. 1 advertiser at radio to the top spot — GEICO.

Spots showing “iHeartRadio” are considered internal/promotional and largely promote company NTR events including Fiesta Latina and the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.