Walmart, P&G to offer up family-friendly TV programming


In direct response to research which says parents across America are seeking more family-oriented entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together,  Walmart is unveiling its “Family Moments” campaign, a marketing, in-store and digital initiative designed to provide more entertainment options for the entire family. A focal point of Family Moments is a project with Procter & Gamble to produce family-friendly TV programming, beginning with “Secrets of The Mountain,” a TV movie which will debut on NBC on 4/16.

RBR-TVBR asked Walmart’s chief marketing officer Stephen Quinn how many other projects/movies are in the works and whether other networks will be running it. Also, how will they be promoting this?  Spot TV and Radio?  Network Radio?: “At this time, we are focused on completing and debuting ‘Secrets of The Mountain.’ We will announce any future projects as they are ready to be launched. As for promotion of this movie project, Walmart has full marketing support planned, which will include advertising, in-store network, digital media, and other marketing vehicles….The media buy is still in planning. I can tell you there is television advertising in the plan to promote the television movie.”

Supporting research was conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Alliance for Family Entertainment in spring of 2009. P&G is co-founder, and Walmart is co-chair with P&G, of the Alliance for Family Entertainment. The research was designed to better understand what consumers are seeking in family-friendly TV as well as the impact of programming on the efficacy of advertising.

Only 23% of respondents reported being satisfied with the amount of family-oriented programming currently available. And in another study conducted jointly between Walmart and P&G, 85% of respondents said they would go out of their way to “find and watch quality family-friendly programming.”  From an advertising perspective, both studies reinforced the importance of family-friendly ads appearing in the context of family-friendly TV content and the degree to which consumer perceptions of a company are shaped by the TV shows, events or activities that it sponsors.

“Secrets of The Mountain,” a two-hour movie, is a drama/adventure and focuses on Dana James, a public defender and single mother who takes her family to visit a mountain cabin they inherited from their eccentric uncle, only to find themselves embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. For over five decades, P&G Productions has produced nearly 50 movies of the week, 35 years of “People’s Choice Awards,” 20 soap operas and a number of beauty pageants and variety shows.

“We are pleased to be working with Walmart on their Family Moments initiative to positively impact the number of choices families have for television entertainment,” said Marc Pritchard, global marketing and brand building officer for P&G. “As a company of family brands, we know that context matters, and we’re proud to advertise our brands in this broadly appealing content.”

In addition to TV programming, the Walmart Family Moments campaign covers other areas important to parents, including memorable family activities such as family game night. In September of 2009, Walmart launched a new “Family Moments Destination” across all stores with ideas and products to help design a complete family night experience. Additional Family Moments initiatives will be announced in the months to follow.