Want More Political Ad Dollars?


RBRlogoRevenue Development Resources plans to roll out this week to radio owners a resource to help them gain more political advertising dollars.

RDR is providing stations with access to the Edmonds Political Contact Database.

RDR Sales Director Bob Lawrence tells RBR+TVBR the information includes candidate contact information that’s sold on a state basis, so station owners and their sellers would have access to contact information for political candidates for all races, from local to national. The information includes issue groups, PACS and their media buying agencies.

The information is on an Excel spreadsheet and can be sorted various ways; ongoing updates to the list are included.

The company had been working with Scripps newspapers, television and radio stations, and thought other radio owners might get some use out of it as well, he said.

Lawrence sees medium to mom and pop owners being able to capture a larger share of political revenue using the information.



  1. I’m all for stations making money, but as a radio listener or TV viewer, I really hate the political ads these days. There are far too many of them, and few if any give us a reason to vote FOR someone, only “reasons” to NOT vote for the other guy. I mute them out or change the station.

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