Want To Monitor, Log HD Radio EAS Messages? This May Help

Inovonics has released a new feature for its INOmini 638 HD Radio SiteStreamer that will enable it to monitor and log HD Radio EAS Messages.

The INOmini 638 will alert station personal with an e-mail each time an EAS alert is received, or a single e-mail with the start and stop time of the alert received. In addition, the text of the message will be sent along for 100% proof and verification of the alert information.

Inovonics expects to release the new firmware version by the end of October, or pending iBiquity certification.  All existing customers of the Inovonics INOmini 638 will be able to download the free firmware update and install it in their current units.All new orders for the INOmini 638 HD Radio SiteStreamer will ship with the firmware pre-loaded.

The INOmini 638 SiteStreamer is a Web-enabled FM and HD Radio receiver for remote signal monitoring.

Installed at a broadcast transmitter or translator site, or any remote location with an Internet connection, the 638 streams audio from single or multiple (sequenced) off-air sources, or from a hard-wired program audio feed, back to any computer, tablet or mobile device.

A browser-accessed Web Interface enables remote tuning and source switching. It also displays audio levels, signal metrics, RDS data that accompanies the FM program, and PAD data associated with HD Radio programming. The SiteStreamer logs all alarm conditions, and any or all failure alarms may be dispatched instantly by email or SMS/text messaging.