Warchests filling up


The campaigns for federal office have already spend over 368M this cycle, even though the first vote is still months away, we aren’t even in the calendar year of the election yet and there’s still plenty of time to raise more cash. And the amount spent is dwarfed by the amount still on hand. This is particularly true of the race for Congress. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 83.724 has already been spent in the battle for the House of Representatives, but there is 237.198M waiting to be spent. The proportions are even more stark on the Senate side, where only 18.032M has been spent and 102.638M is still in the bank. Only in the presidential category is spending keeping close pace with receiving. 265.961M has been spent, with only 153.810M still on hand. Democrats lead across the board in all categories, although in the presidential money spent category, the difference is miniscule. Democrats have much more on hand in all three categories.