Washington, high school yearbook style


PollWashington DC can be a very serious place, but the good folks over at The Harris Poll decided to have some fun with it, taking a look at what might be contained in a yearbook featuring some of the major characters on the federal city campus.. Here’s what they found:

* Class Clown: Joe Biden (21%) and Chris Christie (14%)

* Most Likely to Succeed: Hillary Clinton (15%) and Chris Christie/Rand Paul/Elizabeth Warren (7%)

* Teacher’s Pet: Joe Biden/Nancy Pelosi/Hillary Clinton (9%) and Harry Reid (7%)

* Best Hair: Marco Rubio/Elizabeth Warren (8%) and Nancy Pelosi (7%)

* Most Likely to be President: Hillary Clinton (34%) and Chris Christie/Marco Rubio (6%)

* Most Annoying: Nancy Pelosi (19%) and John Boehner (11%) *Most Popular: Hillary Clinton (13%) and Chris Christie (9%)

RBR-TVBR observation: We’ll take it one step further. Clearly, the man who has to be in charge of the morning PA announcements has to be former radio group owner Greg Walden (R-OR), who will have a wealth of very fine and well-practiced voice talent from which to choose when it comes to deciding who gets to do the reading.