Washington Post TV scores in Q1


WaPo’s education and newspaper divisions lost ground during Q1 2013, but its television division had a positive three months despite the lack of political spending that helped fill its cash register in 2012. Unfortunately, TV is the smaller of the trio.

Overall results at the Post were further dampened by expenses related to severance and early retirement packages.

Education revenue was down 3% to $527.8M. Newspaper also suffered a loss – 4% to $127.3M. Newspaper advertising was down 8% to $48.6M, but on the plus side, the digital side of the newspaper business is gaining traction with an 8% gain to $25.8M.

The good news came on the television side. The stations posted a 5% gain to $85.3M, despite missing out on $2.8M in political advertising YOY. Operating income was up 14% to $35.4M. The company said that numerous non-political advertiser categories were strong during the quarter.