Washington Times sponsors Rick Amato Show


The Washington Times is expanding its award-winning journalism by becoming the title sponsor of the Rick Amato Show on KCBQ 1170 AM, in San Diego.  The “Rick Amato Show Brought to you by The Washington Times” can be heard Monday through Friday from 9 PM to 11 PM, Pacific time.

Washington Times reporters such as Bill Gertz, Sara Carter and Eli Lake will report on national security issues including terrorism, the global balance of power and immigration and border issues. The Times’ Amanda Carpenter will provide an insider’s take on the culture wars in Washington.

The Rick Amato Show focuses on politics, national security and pop culture.

“Partnering with Rick Amato, we will provide fresh, compelling news that you just can’t find anywhere else,” said John Solomon, executive editor and vice president for content of The Washington Times. “Our investigations, our focus on national security, faith and family issues is unique in San Diego. Our take on culture and media is also original.”

“Readers from San Diego frequent the washingtontimes.com Web site in large numbers.  There is a clear appetite for our kind of reporting in this area, and we plan to provide exclusive information and news from Washington for Rick’s listeners,” Solomon added.

Solomon has been appearing weekly on the Rick Amato show for more than a year in a half-hour segment called the “Editor’s Buzz” that airs Wednesday night. The segment allows listeners to hear about important matters in Washington that affect them at the dinner table, at the water cooler and in their pocket book.

Sponsorship of “Rick Amato Show Brought to you by The Washington Times” is the latest step in the aggressive expansion of The Washington Times that began in 2008 from a newspaper company with a web site into an international multimedia company serving audiences through more than 40 platforms.