Wasilla AM sold by receiver


A radio station serving the area to the north of Alaska’s biggest city is being sold in a court-approved bankruptcy-forced deal. The station is the former KMBQ-AM. Now known as KWAP, it is licensed to Wasilla AK, best known for being the home of former Alaska governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin.

The station is licensed to Spirit of Alaska Broadcasting Inc. The sale comes as a result of court action against SAB and its principal, John N. Klapperich, brought buy Gladstone Capital Corporation.

The station will go to Charles F. Dunham and his Kenai Broadcasting LLC, who is considered to have been elected by the court to acquire the station.

The price is $50K. The court noted that this was a reasonable price tag for a station that was not has been unsuccessful of late bringing in enough revenue to cover expenses.

KWAP is a CP for a Class B on 1430 kHz with 1 kW-U. Wasilla is north of Anchorage, and the station puts a secondary signal over the city, but it’s primary signal doesn’t quite get all the way down there.

Note: Article was edited to correct error in the station’s facilities.