Watchdog applauds poor patronage of


Morality in Media is one of the content watchdogs that has been working against NBC’s “Playboy Club” well before it ever made it on the air. MIM is pleased that viewers put it a distant third in the 10PM Eastern time slot to programs on CBS and ABC.

The program scored a 1.3 with just over 4M viewers. That put it well behind the 3.3/11.4M for CBS offering “Hawaii Five-O” and the 3.1/12.6M for ABC’s CASTLE.

“It is increasingly clear that the series is doomed,” said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media. “The primetime show shamelessly glamorized posing on the cover of Playboy Magazine for a cash prize, leaving many wondering why companies want to taint their products through association with the Playboy brand.”

MIM believes like-minded activists  have had a hand in depriving the program of sponsors. It claims that seven advertisers did not return for the second week, including Kraft, Sprint, Lenovo, UPS Store, Subway, PF Chang’s China Bistro and Campbell’s Soup.

Hawkins concluded, “Playboy has done more to promote pornography than any other entity in the world. It is responsible, in great part, for the harm that pornography has caused to our nation. ’The Playboy Club’ is an attempt to convince us that the culture of porn is liberating to women, when research shows that harm from pornography is at pandemic levels. American’s aren’t falling for this porn myth.”

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