Watchdog cites telco support for Title II


SprintFree Press has been fighting for the Title II approach to assuring network neutrality, and now has a perhaps unexpected ally – Sprint.

Sprint’s CTO, Stephen Bye, has said that a light-touch of Title II regulation would not harm the investment plans of telcos when it comes to broadband.

Bye wrote, “Sprint does not believe that a light-touch application of Title II, including appropriate forbearance, would harm the continued investment in, and deployment of, mobile broadband services.”

The statement was seized on by public interest watchdog Free Press. Policy Director Matt Wood stated, “While members of Congress and cable industry lobbyists continue to spread misinformation about Title II, more and more providers are facing up to the fact that the restoration of this light-touch approach wouldn’t impact their investments or hamper their ability to compete. Despite the growing chorus of support for Title II, it appears that the staunchest Net Neutrality opponents in Congress remain dead set on killing off this successful framework.”

Free Press believes the latest policy initiative from Congressional Republicans is nothing more than a trojan horse submitted on behalf of large telcos that would “…legalize harmful discriminatory practices and hamstring the FCC’s efforts to protect consumers, promote competition and ensure universal access to critical communications services.”