Watchdog takes aim at Fox reality series


Watchdog3ColorOfChange believes that long-running Fox series “COPS” presents a distorted image of African Americans and other minorities, with real-life repercussions, and is seeking to have the show removed from the schedule.

The program is currently aired Saturday nights, and has been on the air since 1989.

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of ColorOfChange, said “COPS has turned the criminalization of Black folks and other communities of color into entertainment for millions — all while lining the pockets of Fox with advertising dollars. The show has contributed to an American culture which has to come view young men like Trayvon Martin and Russell Davis with unwarranted suspicion.”

Robinson added, “Research has shown that programs like COPS create warped perceptions of Black folks and communities of colorand the criminal justice system. This relic should have never made it to air — let alone survived for 25 years.”

The organization has placed ads in Adweek and Daily Variety to make its point.

ColorOfChange is hoping its message is strong enough to keep the program off the renewal list expected to be released by Fox in May.



  1. Ever watch the first 48 or look at DOJ violent crime stats? Its not some fantasy that blacks and hispanics are more criminally inclined, its a FACT

  2. Read ‘Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind’ for all you really need to know.

  3. Crime statistics from the Department of Justice support exactly what the show Cops represents, that blacks and hispanics cause a disproportionate amount of crime. We all know it from life experience so this show is not exposing anything new. Color of Change needs to focus on all the black urban terrorists shooting up Chicago an Detroit not some reality TV show that honestly reflects the moral divide between the races.

  4. This is a ridiculous stereotype.

    My ex-wife’s brother is in Prison for stealing $10 million from his firm.
    Other executives in his firm were found to be stealing as well.
    Every last one of them is white.

    Years ago I was getting mugged. A couple of guys saw it happening and screamed “HEY!”. The mugger ran away.
    The mugger was white. The two guys who scared him off were black.

    Let’s get educated…

    We’re in the entertainment industry. We need to put racism into the dustbin of history.

    • Jacob, Your experience is not typical. My personal experiences are not in favor of blacks. I have had 3 experiences of crime in my life and all 3 involved black males. Crime statistics reveal nearly 85% of violent crime is caused by blacks (FBI/DOJ). The color of crime is a book that researched this really well but was not accepted by the mainstream. The producer of this show even purposely increased their coverage of whites to “help”. I am not racist, but I also will not accept lies to make everyone feel good about themselves.

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